Fri. Hot Reads: Top ETF Picks For Retirement

April 13, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Top ETF Picks For Your IRA (Zacks)
Investors still have a few days to make contributions.


University Of Chicago Bulks Up On ETFs (Barron’s)
UofC is big on being passive.


Bitcoin Buyers Must Make Wild Guess On Taxes (Bloomberg)
Even accountants don't know how to handle the most complex transactions.


Goldman Sachs Takes On Titans Of European ETFs (Bloomberg)
Bank may buy Commerzbank's ETF business.


Tale Of 2 High-Dividend-Yield ETFs (Morningstar)
Dividend-yield ETFs popular with income seekers, but if not done well, they can expose investors to poor outcomes and risk.


What No One Tells You About Debt (BCM)
Most Americans introduced to concept of taking on debt from those who peddle it.


Inexpensive Equity Markets Still Exist (WisdomTree)
Opportunity may lie in broad emerging market dividend ETFs like ‘DVEM’ and ‘DEM.’


3 Reasons Women Should Save More (Vanguard)
They earn lower wages, spend fewer years in workforce and live longer, with higher health care costs.


BlackRock Sells The Market; Now The Market Owns It (Bloomberg)
Giant asset manager could become the victim of its own success.


State Street Takes Tough Approach To Index Providers (ETF Stream) 
Signals suggest State Street will increasingly play hardball with index providers.


Trump May Reenter TPP (CNBC)
Trump told top economic advisors to look at possibility of reentering massive Pacific trade deal. 

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