Fri. Hot Reads: Vanguard Declares War

July 06, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Vanguard Upends Traditional Agreements (Kitces)

Company undermining pay-to-play concept and promoting transparency.


Vanguard's Not Sole Threat To Active Managers (Bloomberg)

Goldman Sachs has built the ETF equivalent of a killer cyborg calibrated to exploit the growing world of fee-based advisors.


Race To The Bottom In Asset Management Fees Accelerates (Think Advisor)

New Cerulli research finds industry's solutions for fee compression amplify situation.


ETFs Could Soon Be ‘Blockchain-Traded Funds’ (MarketWatch)

Decentralized tech may soon enable indexes to be traded as tokens on blockchain.


US Labor Shortage Nears Critical Point (CNBC)

There are more job openings than eligible workers. Will wages start to increase?


Considerations For Investing Globally (Wealth Of Common Sense)

International diversification comes with a host of benefits. 


Privilege Of Knowledge (Of Dollars & Data) 
We now have the benefit of an unprecedented amount of data. 


Short-Selling ETFs Make Killing In EM (Bloomberg)

ETFs that short-sell emerging markets see annualized returns of up to 190%.


Invert Or Not? (MarketWatch)
That is the Fed’s question.


What AMLO's Win Means (BlackRock)

Putting the Mexico election into perspective for investors.

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