Friday Hot Reads: Reggie Browne Says First Free ETF Coming

January 06, 2017

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Reggie Browne: First Zero Expense Ratio ETF Coming (Bloomberg)

Co-head of ETF Group at Cantor Fitzgerald Global discusses ETF assets growth, innovation and Trump's SEC nominee. 


Active & Passive Need Each Other (Hurricane Capital/Credit Suisse)
This research paper argues there's a place for both.


Here's A List Of The Most Crowded Trades On Wall Street (ZeroHedge)
Credit Suisse's U.S. equity strategy team has compiled a list of stocks you should probably avoid in 2017, and the bulk of them are in tech, health care and financials.


Shining A Spotlight On Ailing Health Care ETFs (FMD Capital)
When looking over the last decade of sector returns on a year-by-year basis, it’s rare to see health care fall to the bottom of the stack. Yet that unusual event is exactly what occurred in calendar year 2016.


China’s Epic Short Squeeze Is Back As Yuan Rally Crushes Bears (Bloomberg)
The surge in the yuan and offshore borrowing costs echoes January 2016, but analysts expect the currency will eventually resume its descent. 


Can Bitcoin Rival Gold As A Safe Haven? (CNBC)
The digital currency could offer diversification benefits, but is unlikely to replace gold, according to experts.


Infrastructure ETFs May Not Capture Boom (Bloomberg)
Despite the anticipated infrastructure spending, infrastructure ETFs may not be the best way to play that trend.


Hacking Testimony Causes Russia ETFs To Fall (MarketWatch) 
U.S. intelligence officials unwavering on high-level Russian involvement in hacks, delivering hit to Russia ETFs.



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