Friday Hot Reads: 13 Contrarian Economic Predictions For 2017

January 13, 2017

Compiled by Staff


13 Contrarian Economic Predictions For 2017 (ZeroHedge) 
Given that most predictions end up being wrong, why not just take a look at what passes for conventional wisdom and do the opposite? 


6 Traits Of the Best Indexes (Morningstar)
Finding an index that scores well across these six dimensions can help investors choose among seemingly similar funds.


The 4 Different Types Of Fiduciary Financial Advisors (Kitces) 
The DOL rule has everyone focused on what it means to be a fiduciary, but the reality is there isn’t one single definition.


BlackRock's Tucker On Bonds In 2017 (BlackRock blog)
Matt Tucker's expectations for the bond market this year.


2017 Could Be Very Good For Commodities (ETF Daily News)
Precious and industrial metals are set up to do well, while energy has a mixed outlook.


Casting Doubt On Smart-Beta Outperformance (MarketWatch) 
Morningstar data shows "wildly inconsistent" performance.


St. Louis Fed's Bullard Says Trump Effects Only Apparent Over Time (CNBC)
According to Bullard, the election of Trump has not yet switched the U.S. economy to a new regime that requires a quick rise in interest rates.


Bogle: Trump's Policies Bad For Markets & Society In Long Run (CNBC)
The Vanguard founder believes Trump's infrastructure spending plan would be positive in the short run, but his tougher stance on international trade would be detrimental to prosperity over time. 


IndexIQ Pioneers Momentum-Driven Fixed-Income ETFs (RIA Channel)
IndexIQ's Salvatore Bruno talks with RIA Channel about pioneering momentum-driven, smart-beta fixed-income ETFs, specifically, the IndexIQ Enhanced Core Bond U.S. ETF (AGGE).


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