Friday Hot Reads: 20 Fastest Growing ETFs

October 26, 2018

Compiled by Staff


20 Fastest Growing ETFs Of 2018 (Wealth Management)

These ETFs have raised the most capital relative to net assets so far.


Low Vol Div ETFs Proving Mettle In Stock Swoon (Morningstar)

These two strategies are proving a safe harbor in the storm.


World's Largest Allocator Dropped Oil. Problems Began (Institutional Investor)

Behind Norway's battle to divest its "oil fund" from oil.


Wealthfront To Offer Free Financial Planning (WealthManagement)

Firm says its financial planning service uses machine learning to answer 10,000+ financial questions.


What Is Bill Gross' Bond Fund Betting On Anymore? (Bloomberg)

Its negative duration and equity-related holdings have been a toxic combination.


Investor Bets Big On Tiny Muni ETF Despite Market Losses (Bloomberg)

HMOP” reaps record inflow after seeing little all year.


Tracking High Yield Defaults In 2018 (WisdomTree)

What's in your index?


How Large Is Tracking Error Created By Trend Following? (Alpha Architect)

Understanding tracking error and why it matters so much.


Losses Aren’t Only Risk To Worry About (Invesco)

A balanced-risk approach is designed to manage three main risks all investors face.


Retirement Investing Strategy For Better Results With Little Risk (MarketWatch)

Add a booster to your target-date fund in the form of an equity fund or ETF.

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