Friday Hot Reads: Bitcoin Futures Set To Trade

December 01, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Bitcoin Up With Futures Set To List (Bloomberg)
Cboe and CME could start offering bitcoin futures contracts this month.


Everyone’s A Factor Investor (Alpha Architect)

Just investing in the market is not a passive decision.


Europe May See Indexer M&A Boom (Bloomberg)

In Europe, new rules provide motivation for index providers to merge.


Icahn: Market’s In Euphoric State (CNBC)
Carl Icahn issued stock market warning on Thursday.


Who Really Runs Your ETF? (Bloomberg)

Hint: It may not be who you think.


Brexit Play: Euronext Buys Irish Stock Exchange For ETFs (Bloomberg)

Irish market is hub for ETFs in Europe.


Yellen Worried About $20T National Debt (CNBC)
“It's the type of thing that should keep people awake at night.” 


Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About ETFs (Bloomberg)

Growth looks like a hockey stick; democratizing investing.


Yahoo Launches Cryptocurrency Vertical (Axios)

Yahoo launches 100+ cryptocurrency quote pages.


Retail Rally Looks Like Short-Covering (Bloomberg)

XRT’ has climbed 11% in November; short interest plunged.

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