Friday Hot Reads: BlackRock Backs Gold To Hedge Market Risk

February 17, 2017

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BlackRock Backs Gold to Hedge Market Risk (Bloomberg)
There are things that could go wrong, particularly when it comes to political risks. That adds to the argument for having gold in a portfolio, said a BlackRock money manager. 


Biotech ETF On The Brink Of A Breakout (FMD Capital)
The volatility in the biotech space over the last two years has been quite a sight to behold.


Brazil ETF A Breakout Star (CNBC)
Is it too late to take advantage of the country's stock-market surge regarding the iShares MSCI Brazil Capped ETF (EWZ)?


Analysts Like High-Yield Bond ETFs Due To ‘Risk-On’ Trump (MarketWatch)
Investment-grade ETFs are seeing the inflows, but analysts at Guggenheim favored riskier junk bonds amid expectations of tighter credit spreads.


Greenspan: 'Cry Of Pain' Around The World Led To Brexit & Trump Victories (CNBC)
The rise of "economic populism" around the world has come from years of low growth that have "seriously impaired" the global economy, former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan said Thursday.


Charting The Market: As High-Yield Spreads Compress, Consider Senior Loans (SPDR Blog)
How much more can high yield run in 2017 as spreads compress? And by flocking to high yield, are investors chasing income without keeping an eye on credit risk?


Why Series 7 Brokers Legally CAN’T Be Client Fiduciaries Without DoL Fiduciary (Kitces)
With all eyes on what it means to be a fiduciary, remember that the Series 7 exam is technically the “General Securities Representative Examination.” This name indicates that, ultimately, the licensee is acting as a representative of the broker-dealer.


All About The Moats: Buffett Just Keeps Adapting (Reformed Broker)
In his 80s, the famous investor embraces two areas he never liked before: technology and airlines.


Japan's Quiet Reflation (Bloomberg)
Faced with unfavorable demographics, Abe's policies nevertheless have finally seen results.


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