Friday Hot Reads: Cloud Computing ETF Fueled By FANG Stocks

April 07, 2017

Compiled by Staff

This Cloud-Computing ETF Is Loaded With FANG Stocks (Investors’ Business Daily)
The FANG stocks are trading near highs and have contributed to the SKYY's success.


Top Buy For A 6.6% Yield & ‘Crash Insurance’ (Contrarian Outlook)
Covered-call strategies are delivering better returns than simple allocations to U.S. equity ETFs.


What I Learned About The US Real Estate Market This Week (ZeroHedge)
“Everything is overpriced, and investment returns are falling.”


The Investment Advisor You Need Vs The Advisor You Want (FMD Capital)
There isn’t a perfect formula for hiring someone to look after your wealth, but you need to know the right questions to ask. 


ETF Closures: How To Manage & Avoid Them (
Why it's important to recognize ETFs likely to close, and how to navigate a shutdown.


Investors Are Tiptoeing Back Into One Of The World's Biggest Junk Bond ETFs (Bloomberg Markets)
JNK has lost $1.8 billion in assets over the past 12 months, but investor dollars are flowing into the fund.


Silver ETFs Setting Up Nicely For 2017 (ETF Trends)
Investors could turn toward precious metals, and silver would likely benefit in such a scenario.


The State Of Wealth Management In 2017 (The Reformed Broker)
There are 1,826 billionaires in the U.S. and another 142,000 people with net worths exceeding $25 million. Who's going to manage it?

America's Disproportionate Weight In Global Stock Market Indices (Economist)
Japan dominated the MSCI All-World Country Index in the late 1980s. That didn’t end well.


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