Friday Hot Reads: Congress Averts Shutdown

December 22, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Congress Averts Shutdown (Bloomberg)
Republican-controlled Congress on Thursday night managed the bare minimum task of keeping the government open.


Nick Colas: No End In Sight For Cryptomania (CNBC)
Wall Street's first analyst to cover bitcoin never thought it would reach such a fever pitch.


Investment Implications Of The Tax Bill (Morningstar)
The silliest features were dropped, but two concerns remain.


Fight Inflation With This ETF (Morningstar)
Pimco's short-term TIPS fund is a low-cost way to hedge inflation.


2 Leveraged ETFs To Trade The January Effect With (Benzinga)
Seems this effect now starts in December.


Cheap Funds Can Dupe Investors (Seeking Alpha)
Investors need to be better at picking funds with good stocks.


Monitoring Tax Reform’s Impact On Municipals (MainStay Investments)
It’s important to consider implications in terms of supply and demand.

CalPERS' Push Into ESG Drives Healthy Debate (Plan Sponsor)
With ESG investments, is CalPERS prioritizing good PR over fiduciary duty?   


Goldman Sachs To Launch Bitcoin Trading Desk (Bloomberg)
Market making business might be up and running by June. 


Dangers Of Status Quo Investing (Morningstar)
Complacency can cause pain when status quo suddenly changes.


What If Fed Reignites Inflation? (IndexIQ)
Diversification key to coping with possibility. 

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