Friday Hot Reads: ETF Assets Up, Volumes Tanking

October 06, 2017

Compiled by Staff


More Investors Using ETFs; Fewer Trading Them (MarketWatch)
Flows remain positive, but trading volumes have collapsed.


Hard To Scale ETF Mountain Peak (Bloomberg)
Invesco’s acquisition of Guggenheim’s $37 billion ETF business gives it a boost in a crowded market, but there are no shortcuts. 


Schwab Escalates ETF Fee Wars (Barron's)

Schwab's upcoming launch will undercut its competitors, but will it steal market share?


Growth Is In The Eye Of The Index Provider (WisdomTree)

Many have asked this year about U.S. midcaps. In 2017, the picture hasn’t been nearly as strong.


Investors’ ‘IEFA’ Love Affair (Benzinga)

Low fees and ex-US developed markets exposure keep this ETF hot.


Sizing Up Small Caps (Morningstar)

An overview of the space and reasonable expectations to have about small cap's role in your portfolio.


Electric Cars To Wipe Out Much Oil Demand (CNBC)
Electric vehicle adoption and higher fuel efficiency could cut global oil demand by 3.5 million bpd.


Europe Bails On Gold ETFs (Mining Journal)

Europeans were keen to sell gold in September due to high prices.


Why Are European Stocks So Cheap? (Reformed Broker)
New Deutsche Bank report covers pricing disparity of U.S. and European stocks.



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