Friday Hot Reads: This India ETF Is Soaring

March 17, 2017

Compiled by Staff


This India ETF Is Soaring (Benzinga)

On Thursday, nearly 10 India ETFs hit 52-week highs and PIN was part of that group.


Picking The Right REIT ETF For The Average Joe Or Jane (SeekingAlpha)
An ETF portfolio will perform in line with the indices, and the advisor can also charge fees in addition to the underlying ETF fees.


Why Homebuilders Are Bucking Interest Rate Fears (The Reformed Broker)

Rates went up, but that only served to drive previously complacent potential buyers into the market. 


Low VIX Got You Down? These Fear Gauges May Do The Trick (Bloomberg Markets)
With the VIX eerily calm for some time, Bloomberg offers up some alternative measures of fear.


Credit Suisse & UBS Tell Wealthy Clients The Same Thing: Buy Stocks (Bloomberg Markets)
Wealthy investors have kept out of the markets due to political risk, but two Swiss banks say it's time to get back to buying stocks.


Size Matters With Small Cap ETFs (Benzinga)
There are massive sums of money sitting in various small-cap exchange-traded funds, but in some cases, investors may not be getting the small-cap purity they signed up for.


ETFs To Buy For Rising Rates (Barron's)
Investors have been “getting it totally wrong” in the lead-up to the Fed meeting, said the CEO of VanEck.


OPEC Can't Count On American Drivers To Help Boost Oil Prices (Bloomberg)
Rising U.S. oil production isn’t the only thing getting in the way of OPEC’s efforts to drain a global glut. American drivers aren’t helping either.



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