Friday Hot Reads: Junk Bond ETFs Fall To 7 Month Low

November 10, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Junk Bond ETFs Fall To 7-Month Low (Reuters)
The top junk bond ETFs fell to their lowest intraday levels since March on Thursday.


High-Yield Bonds: Canary In Coal Mine? (WSJ)
Junk bond indexes, like that behind ‘HYG,’ have hit a rough patch.


3 Things An Advisor Does That A Robo Can't (WealthManagement)
It's all about relationships and trust.


Stocks Are Expensive; Other Options Look Worse (Economist)
A comparison of expected returns from equities and bonds shows equities should perform much better.


Top ETFs That Crushed Russell 2000 Post-Election (Zacks)
These funds should continue outperforming in coming months.


Getting Refined With China ETFs (Benzinga)
Traditional funds seeing increased exposure to internet and tech.


7 Retail ETFs For The Holidays (Kiplinger)
Black Friday and holiday season may boost entire industry.


Franklin Templeton's ETF Play: Better Late Than Never (RIA Biz)
Franklin being deliberate with its single-country ETFs.


Vanguard Urges Investors To Look Beyond Cost (MarketWatch)
Despite its rock-bottom pricing and raging fee war, Vanguard advises investors to consider more than expense ratios.


2 ETFs To Harness Small-Cap Effect (Morningstar)
The best small-cap ETFs and their underlying methodologies.


China Embraces Cloud (WisdomTree)
How the rise of cloud computing in China impacts the markets and China ETFs going forward. 


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