Friday Hot Reads: Low Vol Stocks Disappoint

February 09, 2018

Compiled by Staff


‘Safe’ Stock ETFs' Slide Shows Market Volatility No VIX Blip (CNBC)

Minimum-volatility ETFs not doing any better than other ETFs now.


Junk Bond ETFs Slide To Lowest Since 2016 (Bloomberg)

Two ETFs that track junk bonds have fallen to their lowest levels since December 2016 as the rout in other risk assets persists.


Indexing, Structure Help ETFs Win Tax Battle (Morningstar)
As traditional mutual funds had another terrible year, the case for owning ETFs in a taxable account grows.


Market's Latest Problem Child (Bloomberg)

Over 400 exchange-traded products use derivatives to generate returns.

Are Managed Futures Starting To Work Again? (WisdomTree)

Rising interest rates may boost performance of collateral positions, while commodities may be seeing a turnaround.


Crypto Cynics Stand To Profit Most (Bloomberg)

Bubbles look like a uniquely predatory financial phenomenon.


Behavioral Science's Drawbacks During A Correction (Wealth Of Common Sense) 

Have a plan before it happens.

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