Friday Hot Reads: Model ETF Portfolios Get A Fixed Income Overhaul

March 31, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Model ETF Portfolios Get A Fixed-Income Overhaul (Morningstar)
Impending changes at the PIMCO Total Return ETF (BOND) prompt changes in these portfolios' bond stakes.


A Moderate Retirement Saver Portfolio For ETF Investors (Yahoo Finance)
Investors who started their investment careers 20 years ago—which is the group that our Moderate ETF Saver portfolio is created for—have endured one heck of a ride.


This Week's Mutual Funds & ETF Stories (MarketWatch)
Check out where more intrepid investors are finding attractive dividends and income.


Gains No Longer Available To You (The Reformed Broker)
Investors are no longer able to capture the upside of stocks in the way prior generations once were. Here’s why.


Gasoline Prices Could Leap To 2-Year High This Spring (CNBC)
Gasoline prices could see a significant springtime jump of 20 to 45 cents per gallon, pushing retail pump prices to their highest level since June 2015, according to a widely followed gasoline analyst.


US Aims For NAFTA Provision To Reinstate Tariffs (NYT)
The Trump administration plans to seek a new provision in the trade pact with Canada and Mexico that would allow tariffs to be reinstated if a flood of imports threatened to harm a domestic industry, according to a draft letter to Congress that lays out goals for renegotiation.


This Is Why Australia Hasn't Had A Recession In Over 25 Years (Bloomberg)
Australia is close to seizing the global crown for the longest streak of economic growth thanks to a mixture of policy guile and outrageous fortune. But the nation is creaking under the weight of its own success.


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