Friday Hot Reads: Nasdaq Sues Over ‘HACK,’ Alleging Theft

October 27, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Nasdaq Sues Operators Of ‘HACK,’ Alleging Theft (Reuters)
Suit alleges ETFMG and its founder stole millions in profits


How To Use Single Country ETFs (US News)
These funds can round out a regional ETF or amplify exposure to a country favored by certain trends.


It’s Tax-Loss Harvesting Season (MainStay Investments)
Benefits of tax-loss harvesting may help offset unavoidable taxes owed.


Green Bonds Surge Past 2016 Levels (Seeking Alpha)
The latest outlook into the market’s first green bond ETF, ‘GRNB.’


Index Funds May Destroy Capitalism (Bloomberg)
If index funds own all, what reason is there to compete?


Making The Most Of Your 401(k) (MarketWatch)
It comes down to participating in a plan and selecting cheap funds.


BlackRock Undercuts Itself With New Junk Bond ETF (Bloomberg)
‘USHY’ offers high-yield corporate exposure for half the cost of ‘HYG.’


Sharon French On Revenue-Weighted ETFs (Business Insider)
Head of beta solutions at OppenheimerFunds speaks about her firm's efforts on the revenue-weighting front.


How To Make Sense Of Behavioral ETFs (Reuters)
Can you make serious money by capitalizing on human foibles?


Biotech ETFs Tumble (MarketWatch)
Celgene’s stock headlining sector’s weakness.


Leveraged ETF Traders Betting Q4 Kind To Retail (Fox Business)
This could put ‘RETL’ in play in next few months.


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