Friday Hot Reads: An Overlooked Risk

March 02, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Big ETF Market Risk Nobody's Talking About (Exponential ETFs)

ETF market depends on underpaid, under-incentivized market makers.


Short Interest On Junk Bond ETFs At Record (MarketWatch)

Short interest for high-yield bond ETFs surged to record of over $7 billion in February.

Women In Finance Know Stuff: Linda Zhang (Alpha Architect)

First in a series of interviews with inspiring women in finance. Linda Zhang is founder of Purview Investments.


Mixed Gender Teams Lure Greater Investor Inflows (Financial Times)

Analysis shows link between increased diversity and sales.


Harvard Blew $1B On Tomatoes, Sugar & Eucalyptus (Bloomberg)

University's managers thought they could manage risks other schools avoided.


US Exports That Could Get Hit From Tariff Retaliation (CNBC)

Countries are widely expected to respond with countermeasures to Washington's proposed tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum imports.


1,2,3,4 Let's Have A Trade War! (Reformed Broker) 

Markets reacted badly to Trump's announcement of tariffs on steel and aluminum.


ETFs To Use For Crash Insurance (MarketWatch) 

Some ETFs that can help you preserve cash in a market downturn.


EM Equities Still Leader Of The Pack (MainStay)

After strong performance in 2017, investors may feel opportunity for further gains in EM have passed them by, but there’s more potential ahead.


Building A REIT ETF For Rising Rates (Seeking Alpha) 
There aren't any REIT ETFs that take into account correlations with 10-year yields, so the author developed his own idea.

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