Friday Hot Reads: SEC Outlines Issues With Bitcoin ETFs

January 19, 2018

Compiled by Staff


SEC Outlines Issues With Bitcoin ETFs (Bloomberg) 
Concerns exist about manipulation risk and asset valuation.


Blockchain ETFs Join Crypto Gyrations In Wild Early Session (Bloomberg)
Premarket trading Thursday took ‘BLOK’ and ‘BLCN’ investors on bumpy ride.


ETF Bargain Hunters Snag $584M In Low-Cost Fidelity ETFs (Bloomberg)
Someone just bought up five Fidelity sector funds on the cheap.

Morgan Stanley Joins Goldman Sachs In Clearing Bitcoin Futures (ThinkAdvisor)
They're the only two Wall Street firms who do thus far.


Hidden Risks Of ETFs (Seeking Alpha)
Investors should ask themselves some important questions.


2 Low-Vol ETFs, 1 Clear Winner (Morningstar)
XSLV’ has exhibited lower volatility and better returns than ‘SMLV.’


NuShares ETFs Rank Companies Based On ESG Momentum (Forbes)
Head of ETFs at Nuveen discusses firm's launch into ETF business.


4 Int'l ETFs To Beat S&P 500 In 2018 (CNBC)
What shattered the previous year’s level of interest.


Case For Convertibles In 2018 (BlackRock)
Convertible bonds can play big role in finding income in this market.


These ETF 'Pairs' Tell Story Of Market Risk (Forbes)
Comparing some pairs of ETFs can reveal a lot about where market risks lurk, and how investors are impacted.


Goldman Sees 35% Chance Of Gov't Shutdown (CNBC)
Markets shrugging off potential for government shutdown but could soon take it more seriously.

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