Friday Hot Reads: Snapchat Coming To An ETF Near You

March 03, 2017

Compiled by Staff


How Soon Could ETFs Snap Up Snapchat? (IBD)
Fledgling, newly public companies can be tricky to research and risky to invest in. They're also missing from the major market indexes, and the ETFs that track them, until they become seasoned stocks. That doesn't mean ETF investors get left out of the IPO party. In fact, some ETFs make IPOs their business.


China Provides Calm For Markets Ahead Of Potential Fed Rate Hike (Bloomberg)
In a week when U.S. Federal Reserve officials surprised investors by putting an interest rate hike on the table for the March 14-15 policy meeting, emerging markets have taken those signals in stride. That’s a big change from May 2013, when the prospect of tapering the Fed’s quantitative easing saw a disorderly exodus of capital from those markets.


Dismantling Dodd-Frank May Have To Wait (Bloomberg BusinessWeek)

There doesn't appear to be a solution to please all sides when it comes to getting rid of Dodd-Frank.


Trading Commissions Only Tell Half Of The Transaction Cost Story (FMD Capital)

The recent announcement by Fidelity Investments and Charles Schwab that they are lowering trading fees is a tremendous benefit to investors. But the direct cost of an investment transaction is only half the story. 


Factoring In Fixed Income (BlackRock Blog)
Applying factors to the fixed-income space can help investors build better portfolios.


European Exporters Signaling Rare Value Opportunity (WisdomTree)

While recent months have seen flows go into emerging market and Japanese ETFs, investors largely seem to be neglecting European stocks. This trend has continued from 2016, when European equities were among the most unloved asset classes.


Like Gold? You’re Going To Like Silver & Platinum Better (Barron’s)

There’s a lot to like in precious metals these days. 


The $220B Global Tax Gap (MSCI Blog)

As regulators across the world look to close corporate tax loopholes, institutional investors could be hit hard. 


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