Friday Hot Reads: TD Ameritrade Sells Out Advisors

October 20, 2017

Compiled by Staff


TD Ameritrade Sells Out Advisors  (Kitces)

A blistering takedown of TD Ameritrade's no-fee ETFs.


BlackRock Doesn't Want Your Fees ... Yet (Bloomberg)
Ultra-low-cost ETFs are meant to draw customers to more expensive products.


4 ETFs To Hedge Your Portfolio Risk (InvestorPlace)
Investors seeking portfolio hedges have unique ETF options.


Argentina’s Largest ETF Spikes Pre-Vote (Bloomberg)
Investors raise exposure to country with ‘ARGT’ pre-Sunday’s midterm elections.


Beneath Market Rally:  A Lot Less Trading (WSJ)

Stocks hit record highs, but trading volumes are down.


Robots Rule This ETF (Benzinga)
New ‘AIEQ’ powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.


‘Count Us Out' Traders Say To ETFs Seeking Startup Money (Bloomberg)
Market makers stepping away from providing early funding, leaving issuers to find seed capital.


Why I Will Never Buy ‘SPY’ (Seeking Alpha)
It’s all about market-cap weighting issues.


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