Friday Hot Reads: Why Bogle Doesn’t Fly First Class

July 21, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Why Bogle Doesn't Fly First Class (MarketWatch)
And why it matters for Vanguard's investors.


Biotech Stocks Break Out (Barron's)
'FBT,' 'XBI' and 'IBB' were among the top performers on Thursday.


These Int’l ETFs Are Trouncing The Competition (Investopedia)
Year-to-date results show a lot of disparity in what seems like very similar funds. 


Investors Are Pouring Money Into Silver ETFs (Bloomberg)
Silver, known for being a market of extremes, is living up to its reputation this year.


How Much Should We Pay For Simplicity In ETF Investing? (Seeking Alpha)
An investor is paying a price for that convenience. 


Could Bond Funds Break The Market? (Economist)
The Bank of England worries about a sell-off.


Bottom Falling Out Of US Dollar (CNBC)
The dollar hit a nearly two-year low against the euro, after the European Central Bank signaled it could start discussing in the fall a plan to pare back its bond purchases.


Investing Ideas In A Time Of Ballooning Asset Prices (MarketWatch)
Some unlovable investment plays for a tough investing environment. 


A 147-Year-Old Bank Dominates Precious Metals ETFs (Bloomberg)
Swiss finance firm's four ETFs have an average of $1.9 billion in assets.

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