Friday Hot Reads: Why China ETF ‘KBA’ Swelled In Size

June 16, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Why China ETF 'KBA' Swelled In Size (Investopedia)

A spate of recent inflows to at least one U.S.-listed A-shares ETF could be a sign that some market participants are expecting A-shares to be on the receiving end of some good news from MSCI on June 20.


The US Stock Market Belongs To Bots (Bloomberg)
Data compiled by Credit Suisse shows the largest gap on record between humans’ and computers’ gross exposure to U.S. equities.


Hotter Temps Don't Always Heat Up NatGas ETFs (ETF Trends)
Summer means warmer temperatures, but that’s not yet stoking higher natural gas prices. ‘UNG’ is down 2.6% over the past week, extending its year-to-date loss to about 26.5%.


Global Small Cap Fund Capacity: No Small Matter (MSCI Blog)
Can global small-cap funds accommodate the needs of pension funds?


Against All Odds, Greek ETF Is Up More Than 25% YTD (CNBC)
Despite Greece's myriad economic problems, the country's market has had a great year so far.


How A Quality Approach To Europe Paid Off Over The Long Term (WisdomTree Blog)
A look at the Fama-French factor in the context of the European stock market.


Surprise ETF Winners Post Fed Hike (
You’d expect the move to hit rate-sensitive and dividend-paying sectors like utilities and real estate, and push up bond yields and financial ETFs …


Pershing To Roll Out A No-Transaction-Fee ETF Platform (InvestmentNews)
BNY Mellon's Pershing is rolling out a no-transaction-fee ETF platform in an effort to give financial advisors more access to what they want.


Why Actively Managed Mutual Fund Performance Is About To Improve (Kitces)
It has something to do with the Dept. of Labor fiduciary rule, and active managers' compensation. 


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