Friday Hot Reads: Why Europe ETFs Still In Play

August 25, 2017

Compiled by Staff


Why Europe ETFs Are Still In Play (ETF Trends)

Eurozone equities remain good values compared to developed-market counterpart. 


Index Makers Growing In Power (Economist)
As a result, they're facing greater scrutiny.


Investors Anticipate Messy Debt-Ceiling Debate (Bloomberg)

For investors anxious about debt ceiling, comments from Trump do little to allay concerns.


ETF Dos & Don'ts If Gov’t Shuts Down (Yahoo News)

Here’s what to consider if the government shuts down in October.


Gold Shines As D.C. Stumbles (BlackRock Blog)

A look at 2017’s gold rally, and why D.C.’s political drama may make it continue.


Vanguard Group America's New Landlord (

Company is fast becoming a dominant investor in U.S. real estate.


Replacing Libor: Countdown Begins (Bloomberg)

The only certainties in life: death, taxes and change.


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