Friday Hot Reads: What’s In Your Multifactor ETF?

April 28, 2017

Compiled by Staff

What's Inside Your Multifactor ETF? (

Over the past few years, asset managers have tried to make “smart beta” even smarter by combining known investment factors into a single approach. Here's how they've fared.


ETFs Are 'Weapons Of Mass Destruction,' FPA Capital Managers Say (Bloomberg)

“When the world decides there is no need for fundamental research and investors can just blindly purchase index funds and ETFs without any regard to valuation, we say the time to be fearful is now.”


Have We Seen The Bottom In Japanese Bond Yields? (Indexology)

While the idea of reflation is picking up steam in global markets, Japan’s core consumer price index is still below target.


Why This Portfolio Manager Sees Her Glass Half Full (Capital Ideas)

Finding value in today’s global asset markets has been a bit of a roller-coaster ride, but there are still many opportunities out there.


What Does It Take To Really Specialize In Working With Retirees? (Kitces)

In the world of financial advice, focusing on retirement planning has long been the most popular strategy. But working with retirement isn’t as easy as it sounds.


Just These 5 Companies Account For 28% Of The S&P's 2017 Returns (ZeroHedge)

Year-to-date, the top 10 contributors have combined to account for 37% of the S&P 500 index return. The concentration among the top five is even greater.


Massive Shifts In ETF Relative Strength (Invest With An Edge)

Compression often precedes and precipitates massive shifts in ETF relative strength. Today we can see these compression-induced changes playing out.


BlackRock To Pay $1.5M To Settle SEC Charges Over Russian ETF (Reuters)
BlackRock fined for not seeking a special exemption for its Russia ETF, 'ERUS.'
Look at other metrics besides the number of shares shorted.
A growth strategy could be hampered by unintended factor exposures.
How Emerging Market Sovereign Bonds Stack Up (BlackRock Blog)
BlackRock's sovereign risk index highlights the markets benefiting from reflation.
As the daily net flows for an ETF drive market makers to execute basket trades for it, there's evidence that's suppressing disparity in performance from one company to the next.


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