Hot Reads: 10 Best New ETFs To Buy

September 05, 2019

Compiled by Staff


10 Of The Best New ETFs To Buy (US News & World Report)
These are some of the most interesting ETFs that arrived on the scene in 2019.


5 Things To Watch In September (Invesco)
Keeping an eye on Brexit, the tariff wars, the yield curve, Italy and the Fed.


Money Market Fund On The Blockchain (Bloomberg)
Ownership record of the fund will be kept on a distributed ledger. 


Why Index Funds Are Like Subprime CDOs (Bloomberg)
The Big Short's Burry makes a controversial claim. 


Buyer Beware Of The Mega-Cap Trap (SeekingAlpha)
Historically, the top 10 companies were a significant drag on the S&P 500's long-term performance.


Yield Curve Inversion Bad For Stocks (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views) 
A simple event study of the seven inversions since the 1960s shows excess returns are negative on average for three years. 


Reframing The Next Downturn (Wealth Of Common Sense) 
You can’t constantly remain in the fetal position simply because you know the economy and markets eventually have a downside.


What You Need To Know About Managing Digital Wealth (Wealth Management)
Crypto, crowdfunding, e-wills and more. How should today's advisor navigate it all?


You Say Jump, Gold Says: How High? (SPDR)
SPDR's chief gold strategist explains why gold demand is surging.

Gary Shilling Still Bullish On Bonds, Wary Of Stocks (Think Advisor)
Bond yields could keep falling, he says, once the already-underway recession is recognized.

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