Hot Reads: 10 Macro Themes To Watch In 2020

January 24, 2020

Compiled by Staff


10 Macro Themes To Watch In 2020 (Advisor Perspectives)
Trends most likely to shape upcoming Fed policy and investment performance.


History Shows Coronavirus Market Impact May Be Short-Lived (CNBC) 
Economists say it may ultimately have more impact on sentiment than be a lasting negative for the economy or markets.

Where To Go Active? (Morningstar)
Looking at which parts of the market are more suited for active management.


Are Mutual Funds Doomed? (RIA Intel)
Though ETFs have more to recommend and are growing at a faster clip, mutual funds can still play a valuable role for advisors.


Goldman to Refuse IPOs If All Directors Are White, Straight Men (Bloomberg)
The bank is the latest firm to eschew a lack of diversity in corporate governance.


New Analytics Platform Screens Investments For ESG Factors (ThinkAdvisor)

Platform intends to help determine how “green” stocks and funds really are.


Muni Index Funds Moving Closer To Their Benchmarks (Bloomberg)
Tracking error on funds has narrowed to 0.35%, says Morningstar.


Is Value Investing Dead? (Institutional Investor)
Research Affiliates argues that value’s underperformance in comparison to growth may be due to bad luck.


How High Above The 200-Day Can The S&P 500 Get? (Reformed Broker)
And how good of a measure really is this timing signal?


Asset Allocation Quilt Redux (Wealth Of Common Sense)
Annual update of a favorite performance chart.


Blockchain Meets ETFs (WisdomTree)
Blockchain technology and the early applications for financial services.


Why We Like Cyclical Assets (BlackRock)
Consider a cautious tilt into cyclical assets, such as emerging markets and Japanese stocks.


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