Hot Reads: 2 Best Performing Factors In 2019

September 06, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Low Vol, Momentum Top US Factors In 2019 (Capital Spectator) 
All the major factors are up for the year, but the top two have really shone. 


Defensive Equity ETF Beating The Market (CNBC)
DEF” gives investors a “modern” way to play for safety, says Dave Nadig, managing director of


Biggest Bond Rout In Years Whiplashes Bulls Who Were Right (Bloomberg)
Global yields rebound following August's massive plunge.


7 Asset Owner Approaches To ESG (CFA)
Institutional investors are a force to be reckoned with—and they care about ESG.


A Gem Among Goldman Sachs ETFs (MarketWatch)
GSLC” is a driving force of Goldman's growth in ETFs.


Beware False Growth Narrative Of ‘Aging Population’ (Seeking Alpha)
Health care sector mistakenly regarded as a "low risk" sector of the U.S economy.


Caught Between Uncertainty & Easy Money (BlackRock)
Easier financial conditions have lessened the blow of greater political uncertainty. Can that continue?


Debunking The 'Passive Is A Bubble' Myth (WOCS)
Sometimes even the best investors are too smart for their own good in understanding the simpler parts of the investing world.

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