Hot Reads: 2 Strategies That Beat The S&P 500

April 23, 2020

Compiled by Staff


2 Strategies That Beat The S&P 500 (Seeking Alpha)
Value and quality may have underperformed, but these didn't.


Historic Oil Rout Breaks Shale (Bloomberg)
It's the worst crash many in the industry have ever seen. 


CME CEO: It’s No Secret Futures Can Go Negative (CNBC)
The futures market for oil contracts worked “to perfection” on Monday for the professional investors that the market is intended for, according to the CEO. 


A Look At The Impact Of COVID-19 On Value Investing (Validea)
Four tips for value investing in times of crisis.


How To Lose 90% Of Your Money In 14 Years (Bloomberg Opinion)
Since inception, 'USO' has been a painful bet.


Not Theory, Reality (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)
The world of negative oil prices.


Standard Asset Allocation Faces Scrutiny, Suspicion (Capital Spectator) 
The basic 60/40 model proves insufficient for many, but what about other models?

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