Hot Reads: 2020's Cap Gains Tax Roundup

November 12, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Cap Gains Round-Up: 2020 (Morningstar)
Growth investors are the most likely to be socked with tax bills.


How Unusual Is The Value Factor Drought? (Capital Spectator) 
While value typically wins out eventually, it's not clear if this time is different. 


Tech Stock Tremors Send Warnings To ESG ETFs (Bloomberg)
Socially aware ETFs often have hefty allocation to tech megacaps.


Growth Stock Scare Looking Like False Alarm To Options Market (Bloomberg)
'QQQ' skew remains low, near the start of the year.


Rob Arnott Sees Value Recovery After Meltdown (Institutional Investor)
"When I see value hit this hard, I get very excited about what's coming next."


Siegel: Christmas Coming Early For Stock Market (ThinkAdvisor)
Wharton professor’s predictions for the new political landscape and when he thinks COVID will be gone.


World’s Biggest ETF Lures $9.8B In A Day On Vaccine Hope (Bloomberg)
SPY” attracted more than 10 times the nearest competitor on Monday.


Clean Energy ETFs Set For Further Boon (ETF Stream)
This top-performing sector has seen an uptick since Biden’s election victory.


A Real Long-Term Investment Strategy (Evidence-Based Investor)
There are at least three good reasons to use index funds.


Typical Vanguard Investor Pulled $12K From 401(k) During Pandemic (CNBC)
The typical Vanguard investor pulled out $12,000, according to company data.


Is This iShares ETF Worth It? (Seeking Alpha) 
Digging into the benefits and drawbacks offered by "NEAR."

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