Hot Reads: 3 ETFs For Earnings This Week

April 21, 2020

Compiled by Staff

3 ETFs To Play For This Week’s Earnings Onslaught (MarketWatch)
These funds could be in the earnings spotlight in significant fashion this week.


Bottom-Calling Bets On Oil ETF Sour Amid Plunge (Bloomberg)
'USO' tumbles to lowest since 2006 inception.


Strategies For Putting Cash To Work In A Bear Market (Wealth Of Common Sense)
Sitting in cash is still not a bad position to be in, but it presents its own set of challenges.

GDP Data Expected To Show Recession's Start (The Capital Spectator)
The negative outlook for Q1 economic activity is striking because the brunt of the coronavirus didn’t bite in the US until March.


Don’t Mistake Style Drift For Outperformance (Evidence-Based Investor)
Fund management can use style drift to create an illusion of fund selection skill where none exists.


This REIT Has A Secure Tenant (MoneyShow)
Spoiler alert: It’s the government.


ETF Or Index Fund: Which Is Right For You? (NerdWallet)
A few differences to note before you start investing.


10 Stocks For A Low Carbon Economy (Morningstar)
These companies are well-positioned for a world less dependent on fossil fuels.

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