Hot Reads: 3 ETFs That Have Crushed It in 2019

April 02, 2019

Compiled by Staff


These 3 ETFs Have Crushed It In 2019 (Motley Fool)
One of these ETFs took investors higher than any other in Q1.  


Transportation ETF Signaling Economy Strong (CNBC)
IYT” climbed out of correction territory on Monday, rallying over 2%. 


Adjusting Asset Allocation For An Inverted Yield Curve (MainStay)
Inversion may not be as significant a factor as the markets think.


This IPO Market Is Nothing Like The ’90s (CNN)
The fact that Lyft didn't go bonkers when it began trading might be a good thing.


Why Investors Keep Coming Back To Hedge Funds (Institutional Investor)
New research says big investors see them as a source of alpha and diversification.


Fearless Girl Sponsor State Street Not So Fierce In Proxy Votes (Think Advisor)
The 'SHE' firm failed to support 80% of votes addressing gender equity and diversity over past three years.


How ETFs Work & Why All Investors Benefit (Validea's Guru Investor)
Custom creates/redeems keep the ETF machinery humming smoothly.


SEC To Hire ‘Crypto Securities’ Advisor (CoinDesk)
Division of Trading & Markets wants legal expert to help develop comprehensive plan addressing digital asset securities.


Ex-SEC Commissioner’s ‘Appetite For Disruption’ (ThinkAdvisor)
Former SEC head Tony Paredes on fintech and regulation.


Growth Stock ‘Nirvana’ Gives ETF Record Inflow (Bloomberg)
SPYG’ beat value counterpart by 2 percentage points in Q1 2019.


Hedge Funds ‘Impotent’ As Activists (Institutional Investor)
They were supposed to be better at shareholder activism than pension funds.


Historical Perspective On Inverted Yield Curves (Advisor Perspectives)
Why is it causing alarm among the investment cognoscenti?

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