Hot Reads: 3 ETFs For Pandemic Recovery

September 22, 2020

Compiled by Staff


3 ETFs For Pandemic Recovery (Morningstar)
'JETS' and 'PSCD' aren't for the faint of heart, though.


Is Asset Location As Important As Asset Allocation? (ThinkAdvisor)
A common, established product may help clients with both volatility and taxes.


Cap Gains Tax Hike Could Spark Selling (CNBC)
Biden’s plan to increase the capital gains tax could lead to a sell-off in stocks.


What Does The Fed Buying ETFs Mean? (MarketWatch)
Did the Fed convince Wall Street it would be “the buyer of first and last resort”?


Investors May Be Overplaying Election As Market Driver (CNBC)
Elections rarely prove to be instrumental inflection points for economic or market cycles.


Sustainable Fund Performance Beats Peers (ThinkAdvisor)
And despite the pandemic, net ESG inflows are breaking records this year, says Morgan Stanley.


The ETF Market Showing Signs Of Saturation (Bloomberg)
Funds launched in the past 3 years command just 2.3% of AUM.


Is Your Advisor Working Against Systemic Racism? (Robasciotti & Philipson)
Center racial equity by asking these 7 questions of your advisor.


Economists Push Back On Inflation Push (Institutional Investor)
Arguments for strong inflation don’t pass the “smell test.”


Is The US Economic Recovery Fading? (Capital Spectator) 
GDP does not tell the entire story.

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