Hot Reads: 3 ETFs Off To Roaring Start in 2020

February 21, 2020

Compiled by staff


3 ETFs Off To Roaring Start In 2020 (Motley Fool)
These three funds are leaving the broader market in the dust.


Where Investors Are Turning For Yield (CNBC)
Interest rates are so low that the hunt for investments that pay decent yield has gotten even harder.


Coronavirus Testing Outlook (BlackRock)
BlackRock's global outlook has evolved with the developing outbreak.


Gundlach-Driven Spree Into Invesco ETF Sputters (Bloomberg)
'BKLN' set for worst month of withdrawals since 2018.


What Investor Biases Are The Most Conscientious Prone To? (Morningstar)
The results of a new study on personality traits and investment biases.


What Morgan Stanley’s E-Trade Deal Means For RIAs (ThinkAdvisor)
Industry VIPs weigh in on deal’s implications.


ESG Investing Doesn’t Mean Avoiding Traditional Index Funds (ThinkAdvisor)
Large passive asset managers voting in favor of ESG-related shareholder proposals.


E-Trade Deal Brings Morgan Stanley Into Independent Advice Biz (WM)
Morgan Stanley's acquisition of E-Trade will create an in-house channel for independent advisors through the RIA custody business.


Financial Repression A Growing Global Issue (Disciplined Systematic Global Views)
We are in a world of financial repression through policies that hurt savers, encourage speculation, and hamper growth.


Will Recent Downside Momentum In Treasury Yields Accelerate? (The Capital Spectator)
The rush into safe-haven Treasuries has hardly missed a beat this year—a preference that’s pushed bond prices up and yields down.

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