Hot Reads: 3 Surprises About Quality Stocks

October 15, 2019

Compiled by Staff


3 Surprising Things About Quality Stocks (BlackRock)
Behind some of the common myths about quality equity investing.


Wall St. Faces Tough Earnings Season (CNBC)
S&P 500 companies collectively expected to show a 4.6% earnings decline from the same period a year ago.

'Boring' Investors Raking In Returns (Institutional Investor)
Move over, Ivy League endowments.


Nobel-Winning Economist Explains Trump Mystique (ThinkAdvisor)
Robert Shiller says the stories we tell each other can affect the economy and markets.


8 Tips In Choosing A Robo Advisor (U.S. World & News Report)
Choosing a robo advisor is easier said than done.


'Saving Ammunition' No Reason To Avoid Rate Cuts (Advisor Perspectives)
It's not now much the Fed cuts rates, it's how soon it does it.


New IRS Form 1040 To Ask Taxpayers About Cryptocurrency (ThinkAdvisor)
Draft version of the 2019 tax form begins with a question on virtual currencies.


Sitting On The Sidelines (Belle Curve)
Why don't we feel nervous about sitting on the sidelines of this market?


Crowded Trades: Implications For Sector Rotation & Factor Timing (Alpha Architect)
Does asset centrality predict bubbles? If so, can it be exploited?

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