Hot Reads: 4 Most Important Market Signals

November 08, 2019

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4 Most Important Market Indicators (Reformed Broker)
Using the evidence to understand what's happening in the markets.


Total Return Versus Price Only (The Big Picture) 
Looking at price-only indexes creates a potentially misleading understanding of how long it takes to get back to breakeven post-crash. 


Key Fed Message Lost In The Shuffle (Invesco)
The outlook for risky assets may have improved heading into 2020.


Asness: It's Time To Sin (Institutional Investor)
AQR's co-founder says value has gotten too cheap to resist.


2019 Is A Flat Circle (SPDR)
In terms of ETF flows, everything that has happened will happen again.


Japan ETFs Make Comeback In October (ETF Stream)
Japan equity ETFs had positive inflows for first time in six months.


Will Forestry Be The Root Of Sustainable Investing? (Evidence-Based Investor)
Sustainable forestry could offer the ultimate hedge against inflation.


How Active Managers Squander Alpha (Institutional Investor)
It turns out they hold on to their positions for too long. 


China: An Investment Opportunity Too Big To Ignore (Visual Capitalist)
Soon the country will move into the next phase of opening up its economy by lifting restrictions on the foreign ownership of securities, insurance and fund management firms.


The Case For Dividend Investing Via The Dividend Aristocrats (Validea) 
Investors looking for high quality stocks to own for the long term should consider investing in dividend stocks, particularly high quality dividend stocks like the Dividend Aristocrats. 

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