Hot Reads: These 5 Active ETFs Worth A Look

October 16, 2019

Compiled by Staff


5 Actively Managed ETFs Worth A Look (Investor Place)
Active ETFs can be expensive to own, but some of these funds have the goods to justify their fees.


When Performance Leads Assets (Wealth of Common Sense)
When performance causes outsized flows into and out of funds.


SEC Restarts Clock On Proposed Bitcoin ETF (Coindesk)
The SEC is again soliciting comments on a proposed ETF based around bitcoin and Treasury bonds.


Why Bond ETFs Use Sampling To Replicate An Index (SPDR)
When it comes to fixed income, index tracking methodology gets complicated.

Meet The Worst ETFs In The World: Leveraged ETNs (Seeking Alpha)
Over the long term, most leveraged ETNs lose more than 90% of their value.


Yield Curve Trades With Trend & Momentum (Newfound Research) 
Yield curve changes over time can be decomposed into level, slope and curvature changes.


S&P 500 Retries 3,000 (Bloomberg)
Are option sellers girding for battle?


'Missed Opportunity' In Asset Management (Institutional Investor)
Are money management firms doing enough to effect positive change at companies?


Beware The QE Trojan Horse (Advisor Perspectives)
Turmoil from the mid-September crisis in the repo funding market hasn't subsided.

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