Hot Reads: 5-ETF Portfolio Beats Active Funds

June 19, 2019

Compiled by Staff


The Problem With Academic Studies (Institutional Investor)

Two NYU professors set out to prove passive beats active—with just five ETFs.


Iron Ore On A Hot Roll (Indexology)

Iron ore up more than 70% year to date and is the best-performing index within the S&P GSCI series.


Gov't Bonds Now More Popular Than Tech (CNBC)
Investor preference for U.S. government bonds now the market’s “most crowded” trade, according to the June BofA Merrill Lynch Fund Manager Survey.


Long-Term Case For Emerging Markets (WisdomTree)
Valuations could support another era of emerging market outperformance ahead, and China remains key.


The Greatest Asset Bubble Of All Time (ODAD)
Seven asset bubbles are contenders. 


Inside Our Midyear Outlook Debates (BlackRock)
Firm’s senior decision makers assess the changing macro picture and how it impacts asset allocation.  


AMLP Too Expensive (Seeking Alpha)

The high expense ratio of "AMLP" and its lack of tax efficient structure mean investors should stay away.

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