Hot Reads: 5 ETF Themes For Coming Months

February 22, 2019

Compiled by staff


5 ETF Themes For Coming Months (BlackRock Blog)
An exploration of five themes to keep investors springing forward, rather than falling back this season.


Insurers Still Wary Of ETFs (Bloomberg)
Many insurance companies are steering clear of exchange-traded funds even after a high profile rule change designed to make them easier to own.


ETF Deathwatch, January 2019 (Seeking Alpha) 
During January, there were 26 additions to the Deathwatch list, and 15 removals, mostly due to the funds' improving health.


Soothing Words On China Spur Industrial ETF Flows (Bloomberg)
On Thursday, 'XLI' saw biggest daily inflow in over two years


A Surprise For Passive Funds (Morningstar)
In January, flows into active funds beat passive for the first time since 2014.


Have Fee-Based Models Won The Battle... Or The War? (Think Advisor)
New study on fee and commission models asks which pay structure investors prefer


 Why Stopping Buybacks Won't Work (The Reformed Broker)
There's a lot of bad ideas about corporate share repurchases flying around.


Emerging Market Stocks Through Governance Lens (MSCI)
The concept of governance is particularly important with emerging markets, but often difficult to evaluate.


Are You Overpaying to Manage Volatility? (WisdomTree Blog)
When it comes to low-volatility strategies in your portfolio, it’s important to look under the hood.


Why These Two Gold Mining ETFs Are Suddenly Hot (IBD)
Gold's recovery started months before the stock market's, and two gold mining ETFs are rallying toward 52-week highs and are above buy points.



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