Hot Reads: 5 Steps To Picking A Great ETF

March 06, 2019

Compiled by Staff


5 Steps To Picking A Great ETF (Motley Fool)
From trading volume to tracking error, there are several things you should take into account.


ETFs & Buybacks Moving The Market (CNBC)
Investors shying away from single stocks.


Don't Chase Top Performers (Bloomberg)
New research suggests active management's top performers just have really good luck for a short time.


How US Stock Market Got So Old (Bloomberg)
As the number of companies has shrunk, the number of ETFs has ballooned. 


Bill Gross' Successor Scraps Go-Anywhere Strategy (Yahoo)
Nick Maroutsos trying to succeed where legendary bond manager Bill Gross couldn’t.


Everyone Is Afraid Of Investment Consultants (Institutional Investor)
Behind the relentless quest to curry favor with investment consultants.


Investor Made $211M Bet In ETF's Top 2019 Trade (Bloomberg)
Somebody just bought a whole lot of 'VWO.'


How To Invest Like Warren Buffett With ETFs (Zacks)
A look at what’s worked well for the well-known investor.


Averages Are Clean. Actual Results Are Messy (Wealth Of Common Sense)
Majority should plan for almost anything but average.


Why You Should Consider Emerging Markets (Seeking Alpha) 
Worst seems to be past for emerging markets; you may want to look at ‘DVYE.’

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