Hot Reads: 60/40 Portfolio Is Up For The Year

June 05, 2020

Compiled by Staff


60/40 Portfolio Is Up YTD (CNBC)
The Vanguard Balanced Index Fund, which mirrors the 60-40 rule, turned positive on the year.


1 Risk Oil ETF Investors Should Watch Closely (Motley Fool)
Oil ETFs like “USO” and “UCO” need oil to keep rallying to continue working.


‘HNDL’ Offers 7% Annual Distribution Rate (Forbes)
Everyone wants yield, but they're stuck in a zero yield environment.


BlackRock Files To License ANT Structure (Bloomberg)
Asset manager files for ActiveShares model.


Financial Services Has A Racism Problem (Solutions With Sonya)
Concrete steps advisors can take to make finance more welcoming.


Key ESG Issues Up For Shareholder Vote (Morningstar)
Employee welfare, political influence among big issues.


A Market Nobody Could Predict (The Belle Curve)
Market timing is a losing proposition.


Trending Now: Treasury ETFs (BlackRock)
There's a difference between "return on principal" and "return of principal."


Equity-Market Dislocation & Index-Based Investing (MSCI)
During periods of heightened volatility, indexes with up-to-date constituent composition may help identify potential dislocations in markets.


SPIVA Through A Risk Adjusted Lens (S&P Dow Jones Indices)
As an extension of the standard SPIVA Scorecard, the Risk-Adjusted SPIVA Scorecard assesses the risk-adjusted returns of actively managed funds.

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