Hot Reads: 9 ETFs To Gain On Consumer Spending

December 02, 2019

Compiled by Staff


9 ETFs To Cash In On Holiday Spending (U.S. News & World Report)

These funds are easy ways to invest in Christmas consumer spending.


It Will Be Hard To Top 2019 Stocks (Bloomberg)

A vanilla 60/40 portfolio is on course for its best year since 2009.


9 Things Not Likely To Happen In 2020 (Invesco)

No recession, no extraordinary growth, no global rate rise and more.


The State Of The E-Sports Industry (CNBC)

The creator of one esports ETF says the industry’s about to get bigger and better.


Dividends And Big Tobacco (Morningstar)

The industry is facing some disruption, but core cigarette businesses continue to perform.


When Equity Factors Drop Their Shorts (Alpha Architect) 

It turns out that factors' long legs drive their outperformance.


A Safe Way To Invest Internationally (Seeking Alpha) 

A focus on dividend growth puts the Vanguard International Dividend Appreciation ETF (VIGI) ahead of peers.


Momentum Plus (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views) 

Investors can improve returns by controlling for other factors.


$69 Trillion of World Debt in One Infographic (Visual Capitalist) 

The U.S. represents nearly one third of the total. 


SEC Proposes Tougher Sales Rule For ETPs (Investment News)

Concerned about consumer protection, the SEC says clients need to understand product risk.

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