Hot Reads: 9 Ways To Buy Treasurys With ETFs

February 28, 2019

Compiled by Staff


9 Ways To Buy Treasurys With ETFs (US News & World Report)
Convenient and affordable ETFs give investors options to reach government bonds.


Largest Junk Bond ETF Adds Most New Assets In 2 Years (Bloomberg)
'HYG' has taken in $1.6 billion in February so far.


4 Important ETF Industry Developments (Alpha Architect) 
One is that ‘SPY’ is dying.


How To Benchmark Your Portfolio (Morningstar) 
Different methods for assessing your performance.


Can All Children Be Above Average? (Indexology)
Most of S&P's factor indices are outperforming the benchmark, and equal weighting might have something to do with it.


4 ETFs For IRAs (Morningstar)
'USMV' and 'EFAV' are two of the four.


Why Bonds Are Back (BlackRock)
And other views on fixed income as an asset class.


Arnott: Factor Investing 'Overhyped' (ThinkAdvisor)
'Godfather of smart beta' also explains why he's worried about target-date funds.


No. 1 Thing To Change About Financial Services? (Belle Curve)
Hint: Raise the standards to become a financial advisor.

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