Hot Reads: About Nontransparent ETFs

August 30, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Assessing Merits Of Less-Transparent ETPs (Morningstar)

Are these new ETP formats a better mousetrap? Or a solution in search of a problem?


What Mega Insurers' Turn To Passive Could Mean For Other Institutions (Indexology)

Insurers are turning to equity ETFs in increasing amounts.


Fears Of Passive World Domination Overblown (Institutional Investor)

Data shows competition is alive and well for active managers.


Real Bubble Was Always In Active Management (Reformed Broker)

When people say passive investing is in a "bubble," they mean it's popular.


Should You Care About Negative Bond Yields? (BlackRock)

How negative bond yields happen, and what they mean for your portfolio.


Investors Pull Record Amount From Saudi Arabia ETF (Bloomberg)

One day outflows for "KSA" were highest the fund has ever seen.


Mapping The S&P 500 Trading Ecosystem (Indexology)

There are many ways to access the S&P 500 today through everything from derivatives to indices.


Another Storm Brewing In Italy (Seeking Alpha) 

Despite the new political crisis in Italy, equities have been rising over the past two weeks.


Negative Interest Rates As 'Financial Vandalism' (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views) 

Policy of negative rates has an adverse impact on savers and retirees. 

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