Hot Reads: Active’s Report Card Unimproved

November 20, 2019

Compiled by Staff


SPIVA US Midyear 2019 Highlights (Indexology)
The strong rally in the domestic equities market in the first half of 2019 did not necessarily translate into success for active managers.


Amazon Ubiquitous In Consumer ETFs (MarketWatch)
Among the biggest consumer discretionary ETFs, one company commands an outsized presence. 

How To Up Your Bond Game With ETFs (Reuters)
Advisors offer tips on how to allocate the fixed income part of your portfolio.  


Is Glamour & Growth Trade Finally Turning? (WisdomTree)
A look at factor investing and the signs that value stocks may soon be in favor.


Gold's Opportunity Cost Becomes Opportunity Benefit? (SPDR)
Sinking interest rates have pushed gold's opportunity cost lower.


Sustainable Investing Gains Traction In Fixed Income (BlackRock)
ESG bond indexes are growing in popularity with investors.


The Greatest Money Making Machine Of All Time (Of Dollars And Data)
The returns of Renaissance Technologies's Medallion Fund aren't quite what they seem.


Drivers Of Equity Returns By Decade (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views) 
Looking at the drivers of equity return by data shows that the most recent period has been dominated by earnings growth, not P/E expansion.


Lowering Portfolio Risk With Corporate Social Responsibility (Alpha Architect)
A look at the relationship between corporate social responsibility scores and future extreme returns.

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