Hot Reads: Advisors Increasing ETF Usage

February 11, 2020

Compiled by Staff


How Advisors Structure Their Model Portfolios (ThinkAdvisor)
Advisors increasing their use of ETFs, says BlackRock.


Pensions Still Love Alternatives (Institutional Investor)
A cheap stock/bond portfolio beats most pension portfolios, but still pensions are loading up on alt investments.


Not Just America: ETFs Invading UK (Bloomberg)
All that mutual fund cash heading to ETFs.


Why We're Still Neutral On U.S. Stocks (BlackRock)
Even as the U.S. market surges, BlackRock holds its neutral call.


Coronavirus A 'Black Swan' For Energy Markets (CNBC)
The oil market is looking down the barrel at no demand growth for the calendar year.

Will Coronavirus Derail U.S. Bounce In Economic Output? (The Capital Spectator)
There’s a convincing case to be made that the US will sidestep most of the blowback. 


Credit Suisse Jumps Back Into ETFs (Bloomberg)
CSAM sold its ETF business to BlackRock back in 2013.


The Secret of Stock Picking (The Irrelevant Investor)
It turns out it's not really about stock picking.


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