Hot Reads: The Age Of Big Bankruptcies

May 29, 2020

Compiled by Staff


Big Bankruptcies Sweep the U.S. (Bloomberg)
It’s the busiest month for insolvencies since the Great Recession.


Utilities ETFs Outperform As Investors Make Defensive Bets (MarketWatch)
Investors may not have yet fully embraced a rotation to more beaten-down sectors.


What The Pandemic Means For ESG (Morningstar)
There's resilience in ESG funds, an appreciation for social analysis and a hastening toward stakeholder capitalism.


‘I Will Get Very Serious About ESG’ Allocators Claim (Institutional Investor)
Caveat: “But not yet.”


U.S. Corporate Bond Sales Smash Record (Bloomberg)
U.S. investment-grade sales are running around double the 2019 pace.


Rising US-China Tensions Could Impact EM ETFs (CNBC)
As China comprises about 40% of most diversified emerging market ETFs, that could pose an issue for some funds.



Finance CEOs Worry Markets Too Optimistic On Economy (ThinkAdvisor)
J. P. Morgan’s Dimon cautions the Fed “can’t prop up the stock market forever.”


Smaller Investors May Best Buffett With ‘JETS’ (Benzinga)
But it’s still early.


Why We're Blind To Probability (Collaborative Fund)
That something can be likely and not happen, or unlikely and still happen, is one of the world's most important tricks.


Gender Lens Investing: Where To From Here? (CFA)
Stronger women-in-leadership metrics have documented benefits.



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