Hot Reads: All About Tax Loss Harvesting

December 03, 2019

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What Is Tax Loss Harvesting? (WisdomTree)

Did you know that you can use an investment loss to help you improve your tax situation? It’s true.


MSCI Starts Closing Its Open Door To China (Bloomberg)

Setting new conditions for adding more Chinese companies to its indexes could put out U.S. political fire.


The Hard Truth About These New ETFs Is Easy To See (MarketWatch)

Hulbert on the problems non-transparent ETFs currently bring to the table.


Big 4Q Slowdown Not Happening (CNBC)

Just a few weeks ago, economists had been expecting near-zero growth for the fourth quarter. Not anymore.


VIX Is Low. Is It Because Of Volatility ETPs? (Bloomberg)

ETN rebalancing impact may include equities 'slingshot' higher.


US Consumers: Calm Surface, Revolution Below (BlackRock)

The evolving consumer has major implications for investors.


Some Perspectives On E-Commerce (The Big Picture)

E-commerce has been growing, but America is also "overstored."

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