Mon. Hot Reads: Avoiding A FAANG-Led Decline

April 16, 2018

Compiled by Staff


Index Fund Concentration A Feature, Not Bug (Abnormal Returns)

Equal-weight ETF won't save you from a FAANG-led stock decline.


Cage Match: Traditional Index Fund Vs. ETF (Morningstar)

Head-to-head comparison of ETFs and mutual funds shows they’re very similar, yet very different.


More Pain From ETFs, High Growth Stocks’ Downturn (Investing)

No hiding behind ETFs and high growth stocks in a downturn.


Time To Add Commodities To Your Portfolio? (WisdomTree)

Investors have restarted asking us our thoughts on commodities.


3 Top Gold ETFs (Motley Fool) 

Should you buy 'GLD,' 'IAU' or 'SGOL'?


Big Payday For BlackRock's Fink (Institutional Investor)

After banner year, CEO getting 10% raise. 

Elite Advisories Not Feeling Fee Pressures (Think Advisor)

Large firms' biggest challenge? Hiring and developing talent. 


What If US-China Trade War Escalates? (MSCI) 
U.S. won't necessarily emerge as winner.


Drilling Into Industries Finds What Lifts Energy Stocks With Oil (Indexology) 

Inflation more likely, energy sector potentially more attractive.

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