Hot Reads: Beijing Tested By Coronavirus

February 04, 2020

Beijing Sees ‘Major Test’ As Coronavirus Deaths Surpass SARS (NYT)
The number of dead is likely to grow with no sign of the situation getting better.


Safety-First Impulse Has ETF Traders Missing US Stock Bounce (Bloomberg)
S&P 500 rising as traders decide U.S. can withstand threat.


What Does Coronavirus Mean For Investors? (The Belle Curve)
Exogenous risks happen, more often than we like to remember.


Defensive ETFs Lead Gains (CNBC Edge)
Utilities and bonds rise with investors on defense amid coronavirus spread.


Keep Decisions Simple When Faced With Uncertainty  (Disciplined Systematic Global Macro Views)
Coronavirus has created a great deal of uncertainty in global markets. 


Clues From The Bond Market (WisdomTree)
This year has gotten off to an unusual start in the financial markets.


What Each Democratic Candidate Could Mean For Advisors (WM)
From Reg BI to wealth taxes, a look at how Democratic candidates’ policy proposals could affect advisors.

Nontransparent ETFs: Transformational Or Just Another Product? (Think Advisor)
The first product could start trading within weeks.


Dirty Cousin Of Green Bonds Attracts Money And Skepticism (Bloomberg)
"Transition bonds" help oil producers and coal miners move toward sustainability.


Is There A Green Bubble Forming? (Klement On Investing)
Does the ESG investing trend create a bubble in green stocks vs. brown stocks?


The World’s Projected Energy Mix, 2018-2040 (The Visual Capitalist)
The International Energy Agency (IEA) puts together the World Energy Outlook every year.


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