Hot Reads: Best Dividend ETFs For Income

September 09, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Best Dividend ETFs For Income (CNBC)
To find the best dividend funds, Morningstar looks through expense ratios, how the funds weigh certain stocks as well as technical factors such as tracking errors.

Smart Ways To Invest In ETFs (Chicago Tribune)
From what to buy to how to trade, here are some tips on how to get the best out of ETFs.  


Markets Getting Their Bell Rung (SPDR)
August's ETF flows suggest a more defensive approach might be best.


Stock Bulls Yank Record Amount From Utilities Fund (Bloomberg)
Investors pulled $866 million from “XLU” on one day, its highest outflows most ever.


Measuring ETFs' Tax Efficiency Vs Mutual Funds (Morningstar)
Regarding capital gains distributions, ETFs have the upper hand.


Small Cap Truth (Seeking Alpha)
Small caps should be doing well under a strong dollar, but for some reason they're not.


Hick's Law Applied To Investments (Disciplined Systematic Global Views)
The more choices an investor has, the slower their reaction time.


Hedging Via Managed Futures Liquid Alts (Factor Research) 
Managed futures strategies can provide diversification in times of financial crisis; now they’re available in mutual funds and ETFs.


‘Super Mario’ Draghi Set To Ride Again (Bloomberg)
More than 80% of economists predict the ECB will announce a resumption of its bond buying program this week. 

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