Hot Reads: Best Dividend & Factor ETFs

October 22, 2019

Compiled by Staff


Best Dividend & Factor ETFs (CNBC)
Dave Nadig, John Davi and Holly Framsted discuss ETF topics on CNBC.

Investing Close To Home Is Overrated (Morningstar)
Foreign stocks have an important role to play.

Why Popular Investments Are Doomed To Underperform (Institutional Investor)
New hedge fund study finds that high inflows lead managers to compete away potential alpha.


Cheap Doesn't Mean Nasty In Fund World (Evidence Based Investor)
Clients are conditioned to think more expensive means higher quality.


BlackRock's Brazil ETF Has Biggest Weekly Inflow Since Feb (Bloomberg)
The $8.6 billion equity fund "EWZ" received $126 million last week.


Why Hype Around Fee Cuts Is Overdone (ETF Stream)
Blaming people for things is a crucial part of asset management.


The Case Against Equity Income Funds (Factor Research)
Equity income mutual funds have underperformed the S&P 500 since 1988, especially on a post-tax basis.


Risk-Adjusted Momentum: A Momentum & Low-Vol Barbell? (Newfound Research)
After the Great Financial Crisis, the momentum factor has exhibited positive returns, but those returns have been largely driven by the short side of the portfolio.

Arnott: FAANG Is Out, FANMAG Is In & It’s A Bubble (MarketWatch)
Research Affiliates partner and chairman argues that Microsoft belongs in a category with fast-growing tech stocks.

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